KayChatz - 3 Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

3 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter is a social platform that many don’t really have faith in (why? I wish I knew.) It has 300 million monthly active users and that right there should be an encouragement to get on the platform asap! But as for engagement, it can be a little challenging, especially if you’re new at the Twitter […]

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5 Tips for A Killer Twitter Account

5 Tips for A Killer Twitter Account

There are SO many accounts out there – whether business accounts or personal brands – that have still yet to master a Twitter account. Your profiles and images are all a reflection of your brand and you should show off your personality through the social accounts you have. Twitter, and the rest of the social […]

10 Fundamentals for Creative Strategy

10 Fundamentals for Creative Strategy

Last week on May 19th, I was given the opportunity to attend Internet Day 2015, hosted by Ad Club, in Toronto. The topic revolved around, “What’s Old is New Again” and speakers from Etsy, Airbnb, Vanhawks and Twitter joined the conference and talked about how their companies have digitally transformed the way we all live […]

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Content is King
Content is King
Content is King

Created Content Vs. Curated Content

Picture taken from iSpionage. Marketers, brands, CEO’s, teenagers, your neighbour, your grandmother and yourself, and maybe even your dog somehow, share’s content online. Whether you tweet about a song your listening to, share a video on Facebook or you take a picture of your lunch and post it on Instagram, this is content that is […]

Humanizing Your Brand Quotes

Don’t Be A Robo-Brand – Humanize Your Brand!

There are so many myths out there about social media marketing and theres specifically one that I see brands still follow – speaking in a corporate/robotic language. Maybe in traditional marketing tactics it worked, but not when it comes to social media. It’s 2015! Social media is an online space where humans connect with other […]

Facebook's Algorithm Change
Anatomy of the Perfect Facebook Post

Facebook’s Algorithm Change – What it Means for Your Brand

The Change I hope the New Year has been great for you so far, but for Facebook Business Pages, it might’ve been a big hit in the face. Just in case you weren’t aware, Facebook announced back in November 2014, that it would make some changes that will affect Business Pages starting January 2015. “Our […]

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Auto DMs

To Send an Automated DM or Not

It’s obvious that Twitter is a great platform to be utilized by businesses, government agencies or non-profit organizations to promote their brands. They soon learned how hard it was to keep up with the large amounts of followers – and in came automated direct messages (automated DM’s) from third party applications like Tweetadder or Vicconsult. Every […]