World MS Trend Day 2015
World MS Trend Day by Keep S

Social Media for a Cause – #WMSTD

This year will be the third year of World MS Trend Day. It’s held annually on July 31st. It was created by myself and a fellow MSer/MS Bestie, Randy Patrick, to make individuals aware of Multiple Sclerosis, what it is and how it affects patients, by utilizing the hashtag #CureMS in attempts to make it […]


Stop Drop Selfie For MS

So it’s Sunday night. I’m currently in bed trying to pick a classic Christmas movie to fall asleep to. I’m trying to get my mind off of an appointment I have tomorrow morning. I have my usual MRI appointment and I’m sure I can speak for some MSers out there when I say this but […]

A Selfie for a Cause

#StopDropSelfieForMS The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was, plain and simple, a huge success. It was booming on various social media platforms, with millions of posts on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Facebook. Not only has it raised more than $100 million for ALS, the progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects nerve cells in the brain and the […]